Hi, I'm April, the founder of Waggs & Bone...

About Us

Waggs & Bone all started with a personal struggle. As a passionate, new dog-mum I wanted to ensure my new puppy was safe, comfortable & as happy as possible. With long trips in the car (my little Cavoodle Murphy has always gone everywhere with me) I struggled to keep my puppy from feeling anxious when we would go by car. After trying everything, the only solution that worked was to place his dog bed in the car. The familiarity and comfort made his anxiety significantly ease and travelling by car was no longer stressful for both Murphy and myself. However, the bed was not secure and often Murphy would be roaming around in the car which was unsafe for him.

I decided the only way to fix this struggle was to design my own luxury travel bed featuring built-in safety features. Knowing there must be more fellow dog-lovers out there who would be experiencing the same problem and so, the Waggs & Bone Travel Bed was born. The perfect combination of style, functionality & comfort.

As a brand, our main driver is that dogs make the world a better place and so, they deserve only the best. It is now our mission to help them live their best, most comfortable lives! We hope your dog loves our products just as much as our little Murphy does.

Our mission

We started making the products we wanted to see in the world and we did this with an uncompromising approach to safety, functionality and style.

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